San Giorgio del Porto welcomes to Genoa USS Mount Whitney

San Giorgio del Porto Shipyard welcomes to Genoa the USS Mount Whitney, the U.S. Navy Sixth Fleet Flag Ship deployed in the Mediterranean theater and home ported in Gaeta (LT), Italy.

The Commanding Officer Captain Craig Clapperton has handed over his Ship to the San Giorgio Shipyard facility today for a 60 day major overhaul and repair project, as a result of a successful international contracting competition.

The Shipyard presented an outstanding technical proposal package in compliance with extremely demanding U.S. Department of Defense security requirements and procedures which led to a 10 million dollar contract award.

This U.S. Navy funded project represents a unique and challenging business opportunity not only for the San Giorgio del Porto Group, but also for the entire ship repair industry and community in Genoa.

San Giorgio has engaged its best human and instrumental resources to carry out and satisfactorily complete the job with the highest standards of safety and quality of work, laying the grounds for any future and desirable U.S. Navy ship repair commitments.